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An Energised Search for Others Accused of Playing a Role in Rwanda’s Genocide

With the arrest of Kabuga and DNA confirmation of the death of the former defence minister Augustin Bizimana, prosecutors have now accounted for two of the three major fugitives indicted by the tribunal. Taking Kabuga’s place at the top of the wanted list is Protais Mpiranya, who was a commander in Rwanda’s presidential guard in 1994. Brammertz last year informed the UN Security Council that his office had developed “credible evidence” of the whereabouts of key fugitives and said he deeply regretted South Africa’s longstanding failure to execute an arrest warrant on one important individual, reported by local media to be Mpiranya. One problem faced by investigators is that fugitives often use genuine travel documents issued in false names. Investigators are now trying to establish the motives of those who provided the more than 20 different passports used by Kabuga during his years on the run. These may have been obtained through bribery, or given to Kabuga on the orders of powerful individuals who wanted the accused man to stay hidden and silent.