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An Appeal to Kigali

The United States and the European Union have again called on Rwanda to stop aiding M23 rebels after a report by the United Nations Group of Experts released last week showed “clear evidence of Rwandan support”. The M23 rebels, operating in North Kivu the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) bordering Rwanda, are accused of being responsible for the sharp increase in violence, and the deterioration in the humanitarian situation. The United Nations Group of Experts’ report claims that Rwanda supplied arms and uniforms to the M23 rebels. While Rwandan President Paul Kagame maintained that problems in the eastern DRC were not his making and he had no link to them, his DRC counterpart Felix Tshisekedi blamed him. As such, the DRC said it welcomed the UN report’s findings because it sought to “put an end to the lies and manipulations” by Rwanda. The report also linked the DRC to working with rebel forces in their attempt to counter M23.