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An App that Rewards Customers for Recycling their Solid Waste

Plstka, a waste management startup active in the delta region of Egypt, has secured a round of seed funding to help it scale. Using the app, people can exchange waste for discounts and coupon vouchers in various life services, including medical services and transportation, while it also provides a new in-game experience called Plstka Profitable Competition, which makes users compete with each other to raise more awareness about the environment. The startup has now raised an undisclosed round of seed funding from Alexandria Angels Network with a matching fund from Hivos as it bids to build its user base. AlexAngels angel investor Dr Khalid Al Tawil said the waste management industry had become an important part of the global economy. “The world is shifting to green energy and waste management and Plstka is targeting a blue ocean market in Egypt’s Delta where there is a huge potential for the waste management industry to grow and expand locally and globally,” he said.