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Allison Plaaitjies Murder Case Postponed Until March

The case against a man accused of killing Clanwilliam teacher Allison Plaaitjies has been postponed until March.

Phillip April is charged with killing the 26-year-old primary school teacher in October.

It’s been reported their relationship had come to an end that same month.

Plaaitjies’ body was found in her flat shortly after her boyfriend was caught driving her car when it was suspected he was under the influence of alcohol.

He was then charged with her murder. It’s understood they had a fight during which April allegedly stabbed Plaaitjies multiple times and slit her throat.

The Rural Development and Farmworkers Development’s Billy Claasen attended court proceedings with the victim’s family on Wednesday.

“I was at court today. Apparently, the magistrate was not there so there was an acting magistrate. The court date was postponed to 25 March for a high court date.”