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Mount Everest

All Set For First All-Women From Africa To Tackle Mount Everest

Preparations are under way for four South African women who are preparing to make history by attempting to summit Mount Everest this year.

They are part of the first all-women team from Africa to attempt to complete the climb between March and April this year.

The women – who are all experienced climbers and athletes – are Deshun Deysel, Alda Waddell, Tumi Mphahlele and Lisa Gering; with Ronnie Muhl, avid mountaineer and founder of Cape Town-based Adventures Global, managing the full logistics of the climb.

Preparation for the expedition involved a climb up Mont Blanc (4,810 metres) in the Alps in Europe in September 2019 and Mount Aconcagua (6,959 metres) in Argentina on the Chilean border in December 2019, as well as intensive individual training by each of the team members.

Deysel is the only member of the team to have attempted summiting the world’s highest peak before, with her first attempt in 1996.

K-Way has come out in support and expertise to four inspiring South African women who will attempt to summit the world’s highest mountain between March and April this year.

“I am also excited about this golden opportunity to take the K-Way brand to the top of the world and showcase what South Africans can achieve,” said technical product developer for K-Way Stephen Hector.

“The gear is made to the highest quality and standard as it must perform at an optimal level to enable the adventurers to push their bodies to the limit while remaining protected from the elements.

“The construction of specialised suits like these is key. The design had to ensure there are no cold spots and that each segment operates like a box – a carefully calculated box. If you put too much down into one segment, the area will attract dead air and if you put too little down, you will get a cold spot.”