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Alcohol Industry Breathes Sigh Of Relief

The alcohol industry is relieved following the president’s address.

Alcohol sales remain open.

President Cyril Ramaphosa announced some limitations for gatherings and tightened the curfew, but no announcement was made on alcohol restrictions.

The National Liquor Traders Council says the industry has gone the extra mile to ensure compliance.

It is calling on liquor outlets and the public to remain vigilant and adhere to COVID-19 safety measures.

“We always know that there are rotten apples that seek to not abide by COVID-19 protocols. But it’s our responsibility to report such an establishment,” said the council’s Lucky Ntimane.

“Those not complying don’t have space in the alcohol industry. We are calling on everyone to really comply.

“We cannot afford to have a situation where we are affected by the few affecting the lives of people.

“We are committed to working with government, and those who don’t do so don’t have a right to trade in alcohol whatsoever,” he said.