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Akintunde Ahmad’s New Fashion Line Takes African Textiles Global

After some intense collaboration with textile artists in Ghana, multi-media creator, Akintunde Ahmad became obsessed with turning his own fashions into reality. Tapping a wealth of material sources and talented tailors in Ghana, he experimented with designs that caught attention on Instagram and spurred his launch of a new fashion brand, Ade Dehye. Founded in 2020 with continued close collaboration with Threaded Tribes, Ade Dehye is a fashion brand that draws inspiration from across the African Diaspora, with products ethically and sustainably made in Ghana. The style fuses West African textiles with urban streetwear and luxury quality, including fugu, a woven fabric from the upper west region of Ghana; kente, a traditionally woven fabric found throughout Ghana and Bogolanfini, also known as mudcloth, a hand-dyed fabric that is made in Mali.