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Air Traffic on the Continent is Recovering Faster than other Regions

While a sharp increase in Covid-19 cases in several more developed markets has sparked a return to lockdowns, most African countries have kept their borders open, even as the continent suffers from a second wave and a death rate above the global average. South Africa returned to stricter lockdowns after being hit by a more transmissible strain of the virus which has spread to at least three other African nations. Despite mounting concern over the severity of the second wave, travel within the region has continued at a reduced rate. Domestic markets have been at the forefront of this recovery as local flights take up an increasing share of overall air travel. From January to November, domestic travel in Africa accounted for 43.7% of total capacity and 52.8% of total traffic. While large festive celebrations were impossible for many European and North American families over Christmas, Africans continued to travel within the region during the same period. However, international flights remain far below pre-pandemic levels, while at the same time showing a slight recovery.