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After Staggie’s Murder, Tutu Foundation Calls For Peace In CT

CAPE TOWN – The Desmond and Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation has called on all citizens to contribute to fostering peace on the Cape Flats this festive season.

The foundation said a spike in high-profile gang assassinations in Cape Town has sparked fears of a surge in violence in the metro.

Former Hard Livings gang leader Rashied Staggie was shot and killed outside his Salt River home last week.

The foundation said getting rid of deeply rooted gangsterism in Cape Flats communities will not happen overnight but insists citizens and community organisations can help achieve this goal.

The foundation has also called on professional intelligence-gathering agencies and law enforcement to play their part.

In 2014, archbishop emeritus Desmond Tutu referred to a surge in gang-related violence as “an abomination and a severe indictment on the state of progress in South Africa 20 years after the advent of democracy”.

The foundation said five years later, little has changed, adding that the process of achieving communities free of gang-violence must be led by the state at all administrative levels and across departments.

Meanwhile, the hunt for Staggie’s murderers continues.


Pagad on Friday said the hit on Staggie was long overdue.

The anti-gang movement’s Haroon Orrie said the assassination was no surprise.

“This type of issue is long overdue. They’ve taken too many lives in our country. It doesn’t matter, the reason behind why he’s no longer here. He can no longer drive fear into our communities or harm them. Look at what he did in Manenberg alone.”