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After Lawsuits and Demonstrations Led by Chagossian Women, Britain Paid Some Compensation through the Mauritian Government to the Exiled Chagos Population

More than 50 years after the British government secretly planned, with the United States, to force a mass deportation of the Indigenous people of the Chagos Archipelago, Human Rights Watch released a scathing report. In the report, Human Rights Watch demanded that King Charles III issue a full apology to the Chagossian people for “the crimes and other abuses committed against them by the United Kingdom, as called for by Chagossians, and reiterate that the UK and US government will guarantee full reparations for the harms they suffered and that such abuses will never be repeated.” The abuses against the Chagossians, including their forced displacement without compensation and restitution, their persecution on the grounds of race, and the prohibition of their return to Chagos till date are serious violations of international human rights law and  constitute crimes against humanity.