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AfroCuration is Bringing Untold Ghanaian Stories to Light                    

In an effort to promote African storytelling, the Moleskine Foundation began an initiative in 2019 called AfroCuration, which encourages Africans to share their stories in their own languages on Wikipedia. After previously holding events in Mozambique, South Africa and Zimbabwe, they have now expanded to Ghana. Held in Kumasi, three hours away from the capital city of Accra, this year’s AfroCuration brought together a vibrant group of people. Known for its rich musical history, and proximity to Ghana’s famous Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi was chosen as the venue for this event because of its youth culture, and the proximity of the Twi User Language Group, who aim to train and empower native speakers in preserving and telling their stories in local languages.