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Afrika Tikkun Services And Gauteng Enterprise Propeller Revolutionise Entrepreneurship Development With Scooter Driver Initiative

  • 2 min read

A dynamic partnership between Afrika Tikkun Services (ATS) and Gauteng Enterprise Propeller (GEP) has paved the way for the successful launch and handover of the Scooter Driver initiative, an innovative solution set to revolutionise urban mobility and promote socio-economic development within the Gauteng province.

The landmark handover and launch, which took place this week, has been two years in making and is the first entrepreneurial development of its kind in Gauteng; and is a launching pad for aspirant entrepreneurs in the e-commerce space.

The launch event marked a significant milestone, particularly during this Women’s Month, with 5 female drivers, out of 30 being trained. A testament to both organisations and their determination towards transforming the socio-economic development landscape. The collaboration further harnesses ATS’s commitment to community upliftment and GEP’s dedication to fostering sustainable economic growth, resulting in an initiative that holds promise for female empowerment and entrepreneurship development for South African youth.

“Our collaboration with Gauteng Enterprise Propeller reflects our commitment to holistic community development. Scooter Driver’s launch is about changing lives and empowering the youth through sustainable opportunities,” expressed Ms. Onyi Nwaneri, CEO of Afrika Tikkun Services.

“As an organisation focused on economic empowerment, we are thrilled to support initiatives that align with our vision. The Scooter Driver platform has the potential to contribute significantly to job creation and environmental sustainability, which are key aspects of socio-economic development,” stated Mr. Saki Zamxaka CEO, at Gauteng Enterprise Propeller.

As Afrika Tikkun Services and Gauteng Enterprise Propeller continue to collaborate, the Scooter Driver platform’s impact is expected to grow, benefiting not only the local community but also the entire province.

For more information please visit: Afrika Tikkun Services and Gauteng Enterprise Propeller