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Africa’s Real Estate Prospects

In 2050, Africa’s population is estimated to hit over 2.5 billion according to United Nation figures. A more than adequate economic growth will be realized on the continent. The middle class is expected to grow from 355 million to 1.1 billion in 2050 according to the African Development Bank. If the continent has these two key elements: economic growth and population growth, the boom in real estate will indeed be there, and yet. Grits’ business model speaks to the African strategy. They provide real estate solutions, which allow them to sign hard currency leases, either in euros or dollars across many of the economies in Africa. Grit Real Estate Income has been an anchor sponsor of the Pension Funds & Alternative Investments Africa conference over the years. The group’s main provision as a lead sponsor is to educate pension funds across Africa into alternative investments, specifically real estate. This also applies to their ability to invest in not only just traditional equity markets or what they would originally do, but also to have a look at it as an alternative asset class like a real estate business.