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Africa’s Most Popular City in Which to Greet the Day

Instagrammers are rising early and getting their cameras ready to catch a glimpse of Africa’s most beautiful cities in which to see the sunrise. Lagos, Nigeria, takes the top spot as Africa’s most popular city to explore first thing in the morning after receiving over 3 800 hashtags. South African city, Cape Town, is Africa’s second most beautiful morning city. In third place is Cairo, with #GoodMorningCairo posts showcasing the reflections of the sunrise on the Nile from Roda Island. Durban and Nairobi round off the top five, with 467 and 407 hashtags, respectively. London is the most Instagrammed by early-risers worldwide. Premier Inn has researched over 250 of the most populated cities in the world on Instagram to reveal the places that are being photographed the most when you wake up in the morning.