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Africa’s Biggest International Contemporary Art Fair Opened Its Doors to the Public Again

The Investec Cape Town Art Fair went online last year, but this year has nearly 100 artists exhibiting works in-person from 20 countries. Franco-Benin ceramicist King Houndekinkou, said he was extremely grateful to have his work shown at the fair, which is held in the Cape Town International Convention Centre. This is the ninth year the fair is being held, but was hosted online last year due to COVID-19. Laura Vincenti, director of the art fair said they opted for a hybrid event, “Ofcourse, with the difficulties of traveling and also the fear for many people especially from Europe and America to travel to South Africa, they have a chance to go online and see the fair online,” she said. “So, what we are showing on our digital platform is exactly what you’d find at the fair. The same galleries, the same works. You can purchase or you can browse and see what’s going on.”