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Africa’s Amazing Natural Wonders

Africa’s highest peak seems more striking than a lot of other famous mountains, because it’s an ancient stratovolcano that’s not part of any mountain range. With its otherworldly landscapes and isolated luxury lodges—not to mention populations of rhinos, giraffes, and elephants—Namibia is like nowhere else on Earth. Tanzania’s portion of the Serengeti is the ideal location for an African adventure. Visit between January and March to witness the wonder that is the Great Migration. Nothing compares to standing in front of the world’s largest waterfall, which stretches in length for a full mile. Madagascar’s secrets include giant moths, bug-eyed lemurs, and places like the surreal Avenue of the Baobabs, where the centuries-old trees reach heights of nearly 100 feet. Namaqualand, a region spanning South Africa’s Northern Cape Province and the Namibian border, is known for its wildflowers, which usually bloom in the desert around August and September.