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Africans Hardest Hit by EU’s Increased Visa Application Fees

The EU will increase non-refundable Schengen visa fees by 12.5% to €90, boosting earnings from rejected applications, particularly from African visitors. In 2023, the EU earned €130 million from rejections, with 42% from African applicants, despite Africa representing only 24% of applications. High rejection rates for African applicants, influenced by economic instability and political unrest, average 10 percentage points above the global norm. In fact, 2022 migration data shows that seven of the top ten countries with the highest rejection rates were in Africa. New EU migration rules and extended border fences may further impact Africans, despite no evidence that higher rejection rates reduce irregular migration. Calls for reform highlight potential discrimination and advocate for more legal migration paths. Critics argue that the higher visa fees and rejection rates will disproportionately affect Africans, exacerbating existing inequalities and hindering opportunities for legitimate travel, business, and cultural exchanges.