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African Songs That Make Us Proud to be African

Africa Day is celebrated annually on May 25 in commemoration of the founding of the Organisation of African Unity 58 years ago. At this important anniversary, people come together to celebrate but also to reflect upon, and recommit to, the goals of peace and unity. In keeping with this focus on all that is great about Africa, OkayAfrica has assembled a playlist of 12 songs that can’t help but stoke your pride in the continent. For many on the streets of Lagos and beyond, “Ojuelegba” excellently describes the hustle inherent within us as Africans, and our constant quest for a better life while momentarily wanting to have a good time. Between Capso’s rapfrobeat — a combination of groovy rhythms and poetic lyricism — “Afrika” embodies the eternal optimism of a continent. When Burna Boy dropped “Dangote” in 2019, it was a reflection of the different realities present in individual and families lives — the difficulties, the striving, the hunger. On “Isegazini”, off South African jazz artist Zoë Modiga’s sophomore album Inganekwane, she waxes lyrical about a certain inherent trait — one that flows in a person’s bloodstream.