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African Restaurants Highlighted During the US-Africa Leaders Summit

Although Washington, DC’s US-Africa Leaders Summit has since passed, this article provides a helpful survey of some of the best African cuisine in the US capitol. As vibrant and diverse at the continent from which they draw their inspiration, these restaurants should be on everyone’s radar on their next pass through DC. When you enter the Consulate Swahili Village, you’re met with beautiful decor and African artwork in dim lighting that is ideal for private meetings and conversations. Make your way to Moi Moi if you’re looking for a sleek space with bright lighting, decorated with eye-catching art. Bukom, the 30-year-old West African restaurant and bar is a DC institution that is your go-to for food, music, and drinks. Every now and then a burger is necessary, and Mélange is the African-inspired answer to the American burger.