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African Migrants Undeterred by UK/Rwanda Deal

Deporting asylum seekers to Rwanda is unlikely to deter those in northern France hoping to cross the Channel in small boats according to a survey. When the UK government announced plans to offshore some asylum seekers to Rwanda on 14 April, ministers emphasised that the controversial scheme would act as a deterrent to asylum seekers planning to cross the Channel in small boats. Asylum seekers who talked to Care4Calais said they were still prepared to take their chances. Many of those interviewed fled Sudan or South Sudan and were horrified at the prospect of being flown back to a country not far from the starting point for their journey, especially after enduring the difficulties of passing through Libya, where many had to deal with traffickers, and making the dangerous crossing across the Mediterranean to Italy. On Sunday, more than 200 people crossed the Channel in small boats after an 11-day pause due to poor weather, although the government claimed the absence of these crossings was evidence that its Rwanda plan was already having a deterrent effect.