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Africa With a Twist: Paris Chef Sacko Cuisine Wins Michelin Star

Despite opening in a pandemic, a restaurant focused on street food (with a twist) managed to earn a Michelin star within a matter of weeks. Mosuke is the brainchild of chef Mory Sacko, whose fusion of West African, Japanese, French and American cooking has created a culinary sensation. He became a firm favourite during France’s 11th season of Top Chef until he was surprisingly eliminated. The 28-year-old was trained by Thierry Marx at the Mandarin Oriental and opened his first restaurant, Mosuke, in Paris. One of Top Chef France 2020’s iconic contestants, Sacko grew up in France but was born in Kayem Senegal from Malian and Senegalese parents. The Young Chef Award was this year given to two young talents: Coline Faulquier, 31, whose Signature restaurant in Marseille also earned its first star, and Mory Sacko, 28, head of MoSuKe restaurant in Paris.