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Africa Top10 Lifestyle & Travel News

Watch the Teaser for Netflix’s First African Original Series ‘Queen Sono’

Queen Sono

It’s almost here, and you can feel the excitement.  As part of Netflix’s drive to produce original content from across the globe, its first African production, ‘Queen Sono,’ will debut in February.  To see what lies ahead, check out the trailer here.    


Halala! Pretty Yende Awarded Italian Knighthood

Halala! Pretty Yende

To add to her list of glittering accomplishments, South African opera star, Pretty Yende, can claim Italian knighthood.  In recognition of her great contribution to the musical art form, the diva was awarded this prestigious honor from the government of Italy.


‘Ghetto Classic’ Is an Orchestra Program for Children from Impoverished Areas of Kenya   

Ghetto Classic

Music can make a difference. Thanks to ‘Ghetto Classics,’ an innovative program operating out of Kenya’s Korogocho slum, children are learning how to play instruments and to dream of brighter futures.


Sunny Dolat is Opening Up the Space for a More Nuanced Discussion on African Fashion

Sunny Dolat

To broaden perceptions about African fashion and to give exposure to designers from across the continent, creative director Sunny Dolat staged a fashion production in Sao Tome & Principe that showcased a stunning array of talents from the far reaches of Africa.


How Africa’s Entrepreneurs Can Innovate and Invest to Put African Cuisine on the World Stage

African Cuisine

Why is African cuisine so little understood across the globe? While the continent is source to much of the staples the world consumes, very few people are aware, nor do they understand the breadth of offerings that constitute African cuisine. Here’s some advice on how the foods of Africa can become as well-known as sushi.


A Sentimental Look at Coastal Life in Ghana

Coastal Life in Ghana

Photographer Jessica Sarkodie’s work looks at the vibrant nuances of her native Ghana. After studying in the US she came back home to see the west african country like she had never seen before.


Witness a Lush Kalahari

Lush Kalahari

When the summer rains soak Botswana, they transform the land completely. The Kalahari’s heart turns a brief, vivid green and for a few short months this is the land of plenty – and brutish thunderstorms.


South Africa’s Ultimate Road Trip

SA Ultimate Road Trip

It’s one of the most popular parts of South Africa for visitors both local and international. Stretching some 200km, a Garden Route road trip takes in national parks, dense forests, placid lakes and some outrageously beautiful beaches.


What to Do on a Mighty River and One of the Longest Coastlines in Africa

Longest Coastlines in Africa

Egypt is blessed with a liquid bounty. Ancients called it the gift of the Nile. But it’s much more than just that mighty river. Flanked by the Mediterranean on the north and the Red Sea in the east, Egypt also boasts one of the longest coastlines in Africa and the Middle East. Together the river and seas provide almost unlimited scope for things to do on the water, outdoor recreation that stretches all the way from sailing on the Nile and taking a dip in a cool oasis pool to adrenalin-packed aquatic sports and marine wildlife safaris. 


Nigeria Relaxes Visa Policies for African Visitors

Nigeria Relaxes Visa Policies

Nigeria says it will give all African travellers visas on arrival from January, dropping the requirement that they apply in advance. Research released by the African Development Bank (ADB) last month shows that Africans need visas to travel to just under half (49%) of other African countries. They could get visas on arrival in just over a quarter (26%) of states and did not need visas in a quarter (25%) of countries.