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‘Africa Loves You,’ Motsepe Tells Trump, Causing Confusion On Social Media

JOHANNESBURG – African Rainbow Minerals CEO Patrice Motsepe has sparked a heated debate on social media after telling US President Donald Trump that Africa loves him.

The South African business mogul was caught gushing on camera after being invited to dine with Trump at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Thursday.

“…And all we wanted to say is that Africa loves America, Africa loves you. We want America to do well, we want you to do well. The success of America is the success of the rest of the world.”

Users on social media have reacted to the comments with shock and confusion, with many saying they were not sure which Africa Motsepe was referring to.

Meanwhile, the South African Communist Party and Congress of South African Trade Unions are calling on countries to unite against what they call the oppressive regime led by Trump.

The African National Congress’ alliance partners protested outside the US Embassy in Pretoria on Thursday.

They’ve vented their anger over Trump’s authorisation of an airstrike earlier this month, which killed Iran’s military commander Qasem Soleimani.

Cosatu’s Mike Shingange has accused Trump of smelling blood and being obsessed with war.

He said the world must not stand by while Trump abused his power: “We cannot stand back and say Donald Trump will not care, but one day Americans will listen to the cries of the citizen of the world.”