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Africa Finds Itself in a Season of Record-breaking Endeavours

After Chef Hilda Baci’s record of cooking for 93 hours was in November last year broken by Alan Fisher, an Irish chef based in Japan, Africa seems more determined than ever to reclaim the title. The Guinness Book of Records has gained newfound popularity across the continent, with many African chefs showcasing their culinary prowess on a global stage. One remarkable contender in this culinary challenge is Ugandan Chef Dorcus Bashebah. Undeterred by Alan Fisher’s record, she embraced the challenge and cooked for an astounding 144 hours and 20 minutes. Ghanaian Chef Failatu Abdul-Razak has also thrown her hat into the ring, commencing her cooking marathon at midnight on January 1, 2024. Situated in the northern part of Ghana, her marathon has transformed into a mini food festival, providing a unique opportunity to showcase the rich tapestry of Ghanaian cuisine, especially through the lens of social media.