Skip to content Definitive List of Women CEOs Expands by 50%

The list is a unique, data-driven research effort that highlights the women who lead big business in Africa. The data for the effort is provided by Bloomberg. In short, the list represents the women who run big business in Africa. All of the women run businesses with revenue of $100 million or more. No other list of successful African businesswomen is grounded in quantifiable research. Chair Teresa Clarke said, “The 2022 list features 74 women. This represents a meaningful expansion over the 50 women who made the 2021 list. This is largely explained by our intentional change in our methodology. In the first year, we used market capitalization of listed companies as the only financial metric by which to qualify companies for consideration. In 2022, we changed the qualification to be either large scale market capitalization or large scale revenue. By making revenue a screening mechanism, we brought in a larger group of companies from across the continent, thereby diversifying the geographic representation of the list significantly.” is not only reporting on women in corporate Africa, but is also running large scale, free training for African women in the first five years of their corporate careers.