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Africa can be at the Heart of the Rebirth of an Entire Industry

For many countries on the continent, tourism is one of the pillars of economic growth. Many hopes therefore rest on this sector, which is now being undermined by an unprecedented pandemic. Countries such as Kenya, Egypt or Morocco, whose GDP is so closely linked to the health of tourism, would be right to be concerned about the situation, but with a little hindsight and a global reading, we can see that Africa holds a unique joker up its sleeve; that of a young population that has learned to innovate through pragmatism and ingenuity, rather than through torrents of investment. Furthermore, many African countries (especially sub-Saharan) boast outbreak management experience envied by the rest of the world. Indeed, for several reasons, including the youthfulness of the population and past experience in managing health crises, Africa is doing very well on the international scene and has created an exceptional opportunity to become a first-choice destination based on health and safety criteria. Arnaud Jonquet, Regional Recruitment Manager Africa at EHL, reminds us that “African demographic growth is one of the strongest in the world and with it comes a lot of opportunities. Despite a tumultuous period, tourism remains one of the driving forces of the economy in many countries and a priority for the development of states. The development of the presence of major hotel groups on the continent, such as IHG, Radisson and Accor, is accompanied by a need for qualified managers with a base of managerial skills”. The evolution of business models in a period of disruption, he says, is giving way to opportunities for profiles with a high capacity for adaptation in all areas of activity, a predisposition for resilience and expertise in the hospitality business.