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Advocacy Groups Call on Sudan’s Neighbour Egypt to Ease Entry Requirements for Refugees 

With Sudan’s conflict now at the 100-day mark, activists say displaced Sudanese face a dire situation. “Instead of facilitating their entry, Egypt disregards refugee law and the Four Freedoms Agreement it signed with Sudan and has erected various entry barriers,” said Abdullahi Halakhe, Refugees International’s senior advocate for East and Southern Africa. The Four Freedoms Agreement, signed in August 2004 between Egypt and Sudan, covers matters related to freedom of movement along with working, property ownership and living arrangements. New regulations by Egypt on June 10 requiring all Sudanese citizens to obtain visas from the Egyptian consular office in Wadi Halfa or Port Sudan before crossing the border. Previously, women, children, and elderly members of families were allowed to enter Egypt without a visa. Egyptian authorities said the move was to counter the forgery of visas and better manage Sudanese refugees’ entry into Egypt.