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Aarto Act Will Hit SA Motorists In A Drastic Way

JOHANNESBURG – The Justice Project South Africa is adamant that the newly amended Aarto Act was unconstitutional, warning that it would impact drivers negatively.

The organisation’s Howard Dembovsky is challenging the constitutionality of the act in court.

It was given the green light by Parliament and will be implemented on 1 June countrywide.

Dembovsky said that motorists would be judged on a demerit points system, which could result in the suspension of their licences.

He said that drivers would also have to undergo an extrajudicial process to prove their innocence.

He’s appealing to South Africans to support his legal challenge.

“I think the time has come for the wider motoring public to wake and smell the coffee because if this is rolled out, it is going to affect them and it is going to affect them in a drastic way and we as South Africans have a tendency to wait until things have hit us hard in the face before we stand up and have our good gripe on social media and the like.”