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A View from the Highest Point in Cairo

Egypt will be home to the largest tourist wheel in Africa once the Cairo Eye is completed. The giant observation wheel will take tourists for a ride 120 metres high over the city with views of the Nile River, downtown Cairo, the pyramids, Sphinx, and beyond. It will be the fifth-largest wheel around the world after London, Dubai, Las Vegas, and Singapore. Comprising of 48 cabins taking 8 persons each, the wheel will also boast on-site restaurants, a boat dock for water taxis, an events hall, and cafes. The Cairo Eye is expected to attract 2.5 million visitors a year. Visitors could pay between $15 and $22 though this is subject to change. Chairperson of Hawai for Tourism and Investment, Ahmed Metwally said the project will create at least 1,200 jobs and is expected to indirectly introduce another 4,000 opportunities of employment, according to Egyptian Streets. The wheel is planned to open in 2022.