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A Vibrant Nightlife Scene Booms in South Africa’s Townships

South Africa’s townships are a legacy of apartheid-era segregation policies, but a new generation of black professionals is fueling a burgeoning nightlife scene in these historically downtrodden neighbourhoods. Forgoing the glitz and whiteness of Cape Town’s clubs, they are finding clubs and restaurants that know and deliver what they want. In the process, they are creating new economic opportunity in the townships and contributing to safer streets. The origins of its booming nightlife scene date to 2007, when a local businessman, Bulelani Skaap, better known as Ace, opened the nightclub KwaAce, around the corner from Spine Road. Over the years, other establishments popped up nearby, attracting the luxury car set. Spine Road grew into a casual hub of evening activity. Revelers parked their cars along the side of the road, and grilled meat and drank.