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A True Malagasy Refuge in the Heart of Africa

The Makay Massif, completely isolated until the early 2000s, these valleys are home to numerous extraordinary animals and plants which have in turn given rise to new species. In Lyon, France, the Musée des Confluences has an exhibition that spans over 700 square metres, where visitors can explore.  Drawings, photos, and contributions from scientists and explorers punctuate the visitor’s journey through the massif. Hélène Lafont-Couturier, the director of the Musée des Confluences  says, “The Musée des Confluences is hosting an exhibition dedicated to the Makay region in south-western Madagascar from October 16. This mineral fortress, which shelters both plant and animal groups, is still difficult for humans to access. The museum, therefore, offers us a total immersion in this still preserved region of Africa”. Biodiversity is a fundamental aspect of our physical world that society could better know and understand. A mission that the Musée des Confluences hopes to accomplish via this exhibition which will go till August 28 2021.