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A Travel Destination to Appeal to Everyone: Lake Malawi

It is said that when the missionary and explorer Dr David Livingstone saw Lake Malawi for the first time, he christened it the “Lake of Stars”. Lake Malawi is a vast body of crystal-clear freshwater that is great for water sport enthusiasts, especially those who enjoy snorkelling and kayaking. The Rift Valley Lake forms Malawi’s eastern border with Mozambique and Tanzania and is home to the world’s greatest number of lake-dwelling fish species. It is Africa’s third-largest lake and the eighth largest in the world, stretching 580km in length and 75km in width. It is also rather deep. The freshwater lake with its sandy beaches and deserted islands is the mainstay of the country’s economy and tourist industry. The best time to visit is between May and October as it gets warmer going from moderate to hot by November. The Lake is perfect for beach holidays, offering calm, clear and warm waters in a tranquil setting flanked by mountains and a rural setting.