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A Transcultural Blend of Jazz, Soul and African Music

Togolese French singer Laura Prince’s début album Peace of Mine is a transcultural blend of jazz, soul and African music. She is pushing for new instrumentation that builds on her dual heritage, and on her many influences from around the world. Prince’s dual Togolese and French sensibilities continue to shape her approach to creating music. “I was born in a house where music was played 24 hours a day. My Togolese father used to play a lot of vinyls, and music from all over. It went from Miles Davis to Ray Charles, Miriam Makeba and Fela Kuti. Or it could be Koffi Olomidé and Lucky Dube. He even played classical music, Chopin, and opera when he put on Maria Callas. Then he could get into Ray Price for country music, pop with Elton John, or Prince.”