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A Theatre Piece that is Positive about Sierra Leone’s Pride and Rich History

‘Sing, Freetown’ is a dynamic film with a deep understanding of the country’s rhythm, as well as the ebb and flow of the two men’s rapport. This is a hugely special, rewarding documentary whose ending manages to encompass both victory and loss. Cinema is often connected to dreams and triumphs, and yet failure can make for a far more arresting subject. This astonishing documentary both demythologises the creative process and captures a tortuous artistic collaboration full of human messiness and complexity. With an evocative opening image of a man paddling a small boat towards the shore, Sing, Freetown is about returning, both physically and metaphorically. The image recalls the history of Sierra Leone as a territory where liberated Africans resettled after the slave trade was outlawed. Bafta- and Emmy-winning journalist Sorious Samura is also on his own odyssey.