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A Sustainable Way of Cycling the Garden Route

Lockdown has been a long, difficult road for many. It has forced us to think about what makes life worth living, encouraged us to reconnect with friends and family and pushed us to rediscover the great outdoors. But how do you combine all these things? Gerhard and Sandra de Clercq came up with the idea of doing a bicycle tour with friends through the Garden Route. It would be a different sort of adventure – ten married couples of all shapes and sizes, all in their fifties, many of them not having used a bicycle in years. The aim? To mix physical exercise with luxury and lots of fun.  If anything, it would be interesting! To ensure that everyone in the group could participate in the tour, they made use of e-bikes. An e-bike is a bicycle that has a small electric motor powered by a battery to assist the rider when pedalling. As long as you have battery power left and you can still move your legs, you have a helping hand to assist you as you go.