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A Surfing Vacation in Kenya’s Watamu

African surfing destinations like Senegal and South Africa have gained worldwide recognition, but there are still many places along the continent’s 18,950 miles of coastline that continue to be overlooked by travelers—Kenya is just one case in point. “If you want to go off the beaten path to a place that has the establishment to support you in terms of accommodation and restaurants, then Kenya would be the destination for you,” says Ben Kelliher, the Kenyan-born owner of Tribe Watersports in Watamu. This spot, which is considered best for experienced surfers, offers a rare chance to ride waves up to six feet tall along a coral reef. Kelliher says that a busy day on the 4.5-mile long beach will see 20 surfers in the water, when a similar destination elsewhere might have 200. Plus, the spot is only an hour-and-a-half drive from safari adventures in Tsavo National Park.