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A Step Towards Realizing the Full Potential of Electric Mobility in Nigeria

In a groundbreaking move towards sustainability and eco-friendly transportation, Possible EVS, Nigeria’s pioneering innovation and sustainable mobility company, announces the launch of the country’s first-ever electric vehicle taxi service, EV Taxi. With an initial fleet of 30 units, the company has plans to expand to at least 20,000 electric taxis across major Nigerian cities by 2028, revolutionalizing public transport in Nigeria. The e-taxis will provide Nigerians with a sustainable transport alternative, support the country’s plan to achieve net zero emissions by 2060 and contribute to the global fight against climate change. The transport sector in Nigeria represents about 24% of in-scope carbon emissions every year. And 72% of these emissions come from passenger vehicles. As the fuel price hits historic highs, commuters are starting to feel the pinch of increasing transport fares. The typical Nigerian commuter already spends up to 40% of their income on transport. Thankfully, there’s a more sustainable alternative: electric taxis and buses.