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A Special Program for African Startups

Youverify , a Lagos and San Francisco-based identity verification company helping African banks and startups automate Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti Money Laundering (AML) and other compliance procedures, today announced a special program for African startups “The YV startup programme”. The YV startup programme is a six-month support programme aimed at helping high-growth startups from across Africa leverage the superior technology of youverify to build and scale at no cost. Selected startups will get up to US$2,000 worth of YVOS credits in support, this credit will allow them access to super-fast technology, with which they can perform KYC, Anti-money laundering, Address verifications and other customer due diligence processes. Other benefits of getting into the programme include access to mentorship opportunities, spotlighting and network opportunities, special interviews and features, community-based growth sessions, and many more.