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A Soothing Spring Colour Palette Is Just What We Need, Says The Plascon Colour Advice Team

  • 2 min read

In this time of social, informational and emotional overload, the world sees a rise in the search for wellness and other self-preservation tactics. We are burnt out from the pressure, fear, anxiety and constant sense of uncertainty. People yearn for community, connection and peace. Colour has the ability to fulfill some of these longings.

Spring is approaching and Plascon guides you in the search for renewal and solace. The Plascon Colour Advice team’snewest palette, Gentle Serenity, is a modern and fresh interpretation of chalky pastels with gender-neutral appeal.  Gentle Serenity showcases moods and moments which embrace imperfection in order to generate happiness, wellness and contentment.

The cooler tones in the Gentle Serenity palette bring peace and the tranquillity of an oasis to your space. “We have selected fresher tones of blues and greens to modernise the pastel palette concept. Ask a child and they will tell you: ‘Yellow is the colour of sunshine’. We believe the soft yellows and neutrals we have selected epitomize warmth, happiness and joy. Pinks and lavenders are no longer “girly” colours and these warm hues bring healing, comfort and security”,  says Nozipho Kunene, who leads Plascon’s Colour Advice team.

Tint the Gentle Serenity colour palette in the new and improved Plascon Double Velvet Pure premium paint – a first of its kind – which drastically improves indoor air quality. Plascon Double Velvet Pure contains formaldehyde abatement technology that neutralises harmful formaldehyde particles emitted from fabrics, engineered woods, building materials and furniture. Formaldehyde reacts with specific compounds present in the paint, which irreversibly converts the formaldehyde into harmless water vapour that is safe for breathing. Plascon Double Velvet Pure, when tinted in the Gentle Serenity palette, is the obvious choice for anyone who wants to put wellness first whilst experiencing warmth, comfort and security. Shake off the pressures of everyday life and enjoy the promise of a new day.

 For free advice on how to use Gentle Serenity, or any other Plascon colours, please contact the Plascon Colour Advice team via email: