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A Solution to Cater for the Demands of the African Consumer

Kenyan startup WAYO, an AI-powered customer experience management platform that collects, monitors, and evaluates in real-time, is helping retail companies predict demand for their products, and plans to scale into Nigeria shortly. Founded in 2015, WAYO allows retail organisations with large customer bases to obtain insights into the performance of their products and services, and accurately predict demand across all their touchpoints promptly.  This in turn allows them to derive action points and adapt to customer needs when it matters the most, thereby increasing retention and brand equity. Founder Ernest Makotsi told Disrupt Africa that the WAYO platform has three main use cases. Firstly, it allows retailers to evaluate their service in real time. Secondly, it cuts down on customer wait times. Finally, WAYO makes customer support simple, with its mobile-integrated help desk allowing retailers to solve customer-related questions quickly and simply, thanks to an AI chatbot feature.