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A Sharp Hike in Zimbabwe’s Internet Costs

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, the country’s main mobile operator, increased data prices 100% in October, with 1GB of data now averaging $3.54. State-owned NetOne, the second-biggest mobile operator, has also increased data prices by a similar percentage. “When internet data bundles were increased, I wasn’t prepared. I found myself offline,” said Kapvumfuti as she scrolled through her smartphone, explaining that most customers for her home-based business find her through Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and WhatsApp. October’s increase triggered demands by digital rights and anti-poverty campaigners for the government and the Potraz telecoms regulator to take action to bring down prices and tackle a deepening digital divide. Average data costs in Zimbabwe are higher than in neighbouring countries, far exceeding the average of $1.81 for 1GB in SA, $0.38 in Malawi or $0.78 in Mozambique and $1.26 in Eswatini, according to the Worldwide Mobile Data Pricing 2023 report released by