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A Series of Mishaps in Clearing Mauritian Waters

Pictures of the boat which ran aground off Mauritius in late July show the cargo ship completely torn in two parts, days after Japanese rescue teams managed to pump the remaining oil off the vehicle to prevent another massive oil spill into the pristine waters. The Mauritian government has been criticised for doing too little in the week after the ship crashed into the reef. According to SBSNews, the owner of the ship – the Japanese Nagashiki shipping company – took three weeks to attend the scene. In response to the company’s delayed arrival, Greenpeace wrote: ‘Many unanswered questions remain. Why was your vessel sailing so dangerously close to the reef? Why have you done so little since the ship ran aground? What will you do to reduce the damage to the environment, and the pain and suffering of those whose livelihoods depend on it?’ The government made a statement saying that they were seeking compensation from the ship’s owner for clean-up costs, losses and damages, and for anyone whose livelihood was affected by the spill. It stressed, however, the Mauritian government will not be accepting responsibility. The ship’s owner pledged to respond to requests for compensation over damage to the marine life around Mauritius.