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A Sculptor and Former Special Effects Artists is Paving the Way in Prosthetics for Darker Skin Tones

A family tragedy led an inventive artist to embark upon an initiative that would change lives. When his brother lost a hand in an accident, John Amanam soon learned that prosthetics for people of color were virtually non-existent. As a sculptor, he turned his attention to the human form and began the process of creating realistic options for amputees of color. John Amanam, a 33-year-old sculptor and former movie special effects artist from the city of Uyo in southern Nigeria, set out to change this reality three years ago, quickly becoming a pioneer in designing hyperrealistic Black prosthesis. His work — spanning prosthetic hands, legs, fingers, toes, ears, noses, and breasts — was so rare that he registered a patent over his innovation in Nigeria last year.