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A Resounding Call to Harness Africa’s Rich Cultural Tapestry

Filmmakers across the continent are being urged to pool their resources and collaborate effectively to propel growth. This call echoes louder as Ghana plays host to the inaugural African Cinema Summit, aimed at revitalizing the cinematic landscape to generate wealth. Africa, with its rich cultural, historical, and social diversity, has a film legacy that dates back to the emigration era. However, the industry has struggled to reflect an accurate portrayal of its cultures, often being relegated to mere backdrops for Western narratives. The 3-day African Cinema Summit in Accra delved into the intricacies, challenges, and opportunities within the African cinematic space. As a filmmaker and head of Ghana’s film agency, Juliet Yaa Asantewa Asante said she always had the same sense when attending international industry events: African cinema had so much more potential to deliver. Ghana has been promoting itself as a movie location with its “Shoot in Ghana” campaign, with British actor Idris Elba recently visiting the country where he said he would shoot some of his next film, local media reported.