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A Rescue Mission in Kariba Town

Two exhausted bull elephants were successfully pulled out of the mud on the shore of Lake Kariba by a dedicated team of wildlife funds and Kariba Town civilians. It’s determined that the two were probably stuck for at least five days before they were discovered. Wildlife Rescue and local park rangers were called out to assess the situation. It was first thought that the elephants were too exhausted and would have to be put down. However, as the rangers approached the two, they became more alert, working harder to free themselves. Zimparks and The Zambezi Society sent rangers, and even civilians from Kariba town volunteered to help with the rescue mission. Heavy machinery and ropes were used to get the elephants out of the mud, and food and water were sent for the then-hungry and exhausted mammals. After two days of failed attempts, and broken machinery they managed to free the elephants.