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A Publishing Company that Serves as a Platform for African Authors to Tell their Own Stories

Bibi Bakare-Yusuf is the co-founder and publishing director of Cassava Republic Press, a Nigerian company which has published award-winning authors including Teju Cole, Lola Shoneyin, and Chigozie Obioma. An ideal Cassava Republic book breaks through the clutter and noise to offer a fresh perspective on issues rarely explored. In the upcoming months, the platform will publish diverse works such as “Avenues by Train” by Farai Mudzingwa, an eclectic and linguistically innovative coming-of-age story set in Zimbabwe exploring coexistence between the living, spirits, and ancestors; “Crossing the Stream” by Elizabeth-Irene Baitie, a richly textured YA tale in Ghana that delves into self-exploration, environmental exploitation, and unmasking of false pastors; “Love Offers No Safety,” a collection of life stories by queer men in their own words; “The World Was in Our Hands: Voices From The Boko Haram Conflict,” an inspiring collection of narratives from individuals who bravely recount their experiences of terror, resistance, and resilience.