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A Portal Aimed at Connecting Freelancers from across Africa to Businesses Globally

The traditional form of hiring and working has seen a drastic change, especially during this pandemic, paving the way for the growing popularity of freelancing in Africa. Employees who are currently engaging with their employers remotely or are unemployed are constantly exploring the need to have multiple income streams. Increasingly, businesses are hiring freelancers and remote workers for both short term and long-term work. This preference arises from the simple fact that hiring freelancers is a cheaper alternative to getting quality work done. The traditional hiring method can be costly for businesses in times such as this. It is also a barrier to creative expression for freelancers. As more businesses on the continent are exploring remote work and freelancing, it makes financial sense, especially during a crisis, to provide an African solution to a global problem. Kreek Africa seeks to break the limitations of the standard 9-5 work structure by adding some flexibility to the work structure of many businesses. This opens up multiple streams of income for the continent’s workforce.