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A Plethora of Beach Spots in Tanzania

Perhaps your visit to Tanzania won’t start with a wildlife spotting safari, but with an idyllic beach retreat along Tanzania’s east coast, in the archipelago that includes the spice island of Zanzibar. Here the sands are dotted with atmospheric villages surrounded by thick jungle foliage, rubbing up against luxurious beach resorts and historic townships, and the ocean holds a very different kind of wildlife adventure. Famous Nungwi Beach, an hour’s drive north from Zanzibar town. This is the place to come for white sand, blue water and well-developed tourist infrastructure – it’s the kind of beach that will appeal to all kinds of travelers. If the crowds at Nungwi undermine the idyll, take a short trip south to Kendwa Beach. Away from the crowds and cacophony, its gently lilting waters are hypnotically beautiful. Low tide on Zanzibar’s Kiwengwa Beach is family time. The shallow waters are perfect for safe swimming and kids can seek sea urchins and starfish in the exposed pools. If you’re looking for no-expenses-spared luxury, Mnemba Island is a blissful beach sanctuary for those who can afford the steep accommodation costs.