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A Piece of Rome in Libya

Founded by the Phoenicians and later conquered by the Romans, the ancient city of Leptis Magna in Libya is often described as the “Rome of Africa”. UNESCO classified these ancient ruins as a World Heritage Site. In 2016, this site along with four others were placed on the list of endangered sites. For the head of the Leptis Magna Control Committee, neglect is the greatest enemy. “The threats that this city faces are indirect. Such threats come in different forms such as the lack of supplies, which never existed in the first place, the fact that archaeological missions have been interrupted, the lack of means and support from the government, virtually non-existent”, says Ezzedin Ahmed Fagi. This ancient city, built on a site of about 50 hectares, is “a must for tourists”. According to the head of the site’s Control Committee, these ruins hold enormous potential and could be a magnet for visitors and boost the national economy.