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A Photo Series from Kampala Celebrates the Robustness and Empowerment of Taboos

Kampala Urban Mystery is dedicated to challenging Ugandan society’s reputation for being strict, rigid, and often inhumane when it comes to sexual expression and identity. The East African nation has more to offer and fashion and photography and making their way center stage. Creative director Winnie Dialo says of the project, “I explored the different forms of masculinity and femininity; highlighting the polarity of strength and vulnerability. Portraying and celebrating the robustness, unconventionality, and empowerment of taboos. Furthermore, I wanted to illustrate the power of creativity and explore the limits of Ugandan society without conceding the dark sides of a society undergoing major change.” Shot in Uganda’s capital Kampala, the Kampala Urban Mystery photo series births and ads shine to the beauty and potential bursting out of Ugandan slums while pushing the man-made boundaries surrounding gender and gender expression.